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Swell: 10 Years Later

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Swell, 10 Years Later
By Megan Wilson

Paperback, 53 pages, full color

In 1996, Meridian Gallery presented the exhibition Swell: new work by Amy Berk, Carolyn Castaño and Megan Wilson, a humorous and glamorously serious take on femininity, its illusions, and its power in the 1990’s. Over the past ten years these three artists have continued to be close friends and periodic collaborators. Each has expanded and developed her personal relationship with and aesthetic vocabulary of the femme and beyond. In Swell, 10 Years Later, Berk, Castaño, and Wilson present their current work, a reflection of their personal and artistic evolution throughout the last decade.


Written by ssyjuco

April 22, 2010 at 9:00 am