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Future Darwinist

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Future Darwinist
By Laurel Roth + Andy Diaz Hope
February 9, 2009

Softcover US $19.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket US $29.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap US $31.95

Future Darwinist is a multimedia installation dedicated to humanity’s desire to break free from the tethers of Darwin’s Laws. Modeled on a scholar’s salon from a past age that has been projected into the near future, Future Darwinist synthesizes the potential of modern science with the aesthetics and enthusiasm of the Age of Discovery. The nineteenth century was an era when the wealthy elite went on voyages of discovery without sacrificing the luxury of their plush, red velvet surroundings. It was also a time of unbridled enthusiasm for scientific thought and folly, when discovery and theory progressed by leaps and bounds as overeager collectors wiped out entire species in order to fill their collecting cabinets. This exuberance can still be found in today’s research climate, but the aesthetics of the Victorian era conjure a profound sense of adventure into the unknown that is more difficult to grasp with images of modern science.


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