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Sunset Conversations

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Sunset Conversations
by Michelle Blade, 2009

Paperback, 88 pages

Invitations to watch a sunset and share conversation were sent to various people from January to April 2009. Each participant was asked to choose the location, exposing geographic points of reflection within a city based on one’s personal history. While at this vista I wished to share conversations inspired by the setting sun; my hopes were that these themes would inspire an intimate conversation as well an opportunity for reflection. With this in mind I also tried to leave each conversation as open as possible and not lead it with my own intentions. During each sunset the participants and I would take turns photographing each other for documentation and when the conversation was over I asked them to write a reflection and I did the same. Each participant was asked to suggest the next person I should watch a sunset with, preferably someone I did not already know, allowing the project to continue.


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